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What’s in my Bag? | TLM Productions

I have been asked a few times what do I take out on a shoot with me. For me it really depends on what kind of shoot I am going to, since today I am heading out to a portrait session I’ll show you what I take with me. Before March I would pack everything I needed up in my Vanguard backpack style camera bag, now I use my style-ish over the shoulder Missy Mint Johansen camera bag. I love my Johansen because most people don’t realize that it is a camera bag, and you can use it for a girls night out without the camera gear. But what is inside is what you are all wondering I’m sure.

I am a Canon girl, sorry Nikon shooters, but I’m sure you will still get a few ideas. Well as I am a Canon girl at heart (as of now), I have my trusty Canon 70D, it was my first DSLR camera and has served me well.

For my lenses, I use all Canon lens: EF 70-300mm, EFS 18-135mm, and a EF 50mm.

The 70-300mm is able to “compress” the background to bring out the bokeh of the image. I like using this lens first because people can be shy at first. This lens allows for a little private time while warming up to camera.

A 18-135mm lets me in a little, I use this to come in and work closer to my subject.

The 50mm lens lends it hand in creating shallow depth of field pretty quickly and it’s great for close ups of rings for engagement sessions or props that were used during the session.

These are my go to lenses, that are by my side for you. Of course a few other things always find their way into my bag, like a much need wallet, chapstick because I am always putting it on, business cards, keys, spare battery and a few SD cards.

I love my TurtleTaylor camera neck strap.

Happy shooting.


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Tonya Moken created TLM Productions, LLC because of her love of story telling through the mediums of videography and photography. Everyone has a story to tell, and Tonya wants to help you tell yours.

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