Traveling the World with Panoramas | South Jersey Photographer

Traveling the World with Panoramas | South Jersey Photographer


The world is a big place, I feel like I just can’t see it all. Do you ever get that feeling? This feeling comes most to me when I am on vacation, while going to the beach every summer is a lot of fun. I feel like I am missing a whole world that is right in front of me. I had always known about panoramas, but didn’t really know how to achieve that in my camera.


In college I did them all by hand and let me tell you, it’s not that fun to try to stitch together 10 pictures. I never had created the right size canvas to create the final image, of course the coolest tool in Photoshop to create panoramas was sitting just under my nose. Once I found it, there was no stopping me.


I’d say on pretty much every vacation I have taken in the last few years, I have taken pictures so that I could create my own panos. They bring this amazing view home with me so I can share it. Big mountain views, crashing waves on the Hawaii shores, “my own” jersey beaches all coming to life.

TheChangingOfTides-1 StormsComing-1

The world is still really big and I’ve only started exploring it, but at least I am now able to feel like I can see it all.


Happy Shooting.


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