Couple’s Sunset Brigantine, NJ Beach Portraits | Renae + Tom

Couple’s Sunset Brigantine, NJ Beach Portraits | Renae + Tom

Renae has been going to Brigantine, NJ since she was born, a few days to a week down the shore with her grandparents and family. For the last few years, Tom has joined Renae’s family and the last two years they have done portraits on the beach. When you both have a love of the sand, salt air, and waves, where better to take your couple’s pictures?! Renae loves the sunsets over the bay, but wanted to show off the place they spent every chance they could this summer.

Couple's Beach Session

We started our session in the wet sand that was only kissed by the waves, walking along the blue water, a few in the lifeguard stand, before heading back up the beach to the dunes. Don’t worry we didn’t climb or disturb anything, we stayed at the bottom to get the long grasses in the background and the few that were on the beach in front of them. Tom and Renae love playing soccer and running around just having fun no matter what game they are playing. To capture this side of them, I had them run off the dunes and down to the water. That sunset was coming up on us fast, so we drove over the to docks. We got there just in time to see the sun come out from under the clouds, and get the gorgeous pinks and oranges.

Couple's Beach Session Couple's Beach Session Couple's Beach Session Couple's Beach Session Couple's Beach Session Couple's Beach Session

Until next year, I will be swooning over Tom and Renae’s sunset pictures.

Brigantine, NJ Sunset Couple’s Portraits | Renae + Tom

Brigantine, NJ Sunset Couple’s Portraits | Renae + TomBrigantine-NJ-Couples-Photography_Renae-Tom_2866

During the summer months, Renae and Tom spend their days at the beach, playing soccer, washers, swimming, and of course watching amazing sunsets over the bay. Celebrating the start of another chapter in their lives, they wanted to capture an amazing close to the summer. We tried for a great sunset, but a storm was rolling in just as the evening started.


Don’t worry! We still had a blast walking around the sandy beach on the bay side of Brigantine. The Atlantic City casino lights were shinning bright as Tom spun Renae around dancing just out of the waves reach.


Our adventure of finding a sunset didn’t end there, we set out the next night and found an amazing colorful sky and a red sun. Harrah’s Casino in AC has a great bay walk behind it. We walked along the path towards a dock that we knew would be a great spot for the pictures I had in mind. It was so much fun watching and taking pictures of an adorable couple during the magic of a red setting sun.

Brigantine-NJ-Couples-Photography_Renae-Tom-5 Brigantine-NJ-Couples-Photography_Renae-Tom-3

Renae even took a few of Matt and I!



Happy Shooting!







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