An Athlete’s Prom | Washington Township, NJ

An Athlete’s Prom in Washington Township, NJ


For me, I loved playing sports, hiking, and camping, the pictures I took at prom were kind of like my school pictures. In front of a backdrop that looked nice, but told no story as to who I was.  That’s when I got the idea prom pictures should be taken at a place that means something to you and your date.

PROM… it’s like a magical word when you’re in high school. It kind of is! The glitz and glamour, the dresses and hair do’s, the tux’s; OF COURSE it’s one of the highlights of Junior and Senior year! And why wouldn’t it be? In my area, prom is like a mini wedding, but that makes for a very memorable night.

If you are an athlete, why not combine the glamour of prom with your passion?! When Renae asked me to do her pictures for her junior prom, I incorporated soccer since her and her date have played pretty much their whole lives. A year later we headed out with a few of Renae’s friends and played off the athlete’s glamorous night.


Shannon and Erin play softball, while Renae is a soccer player; being able to show off their love of sports and love of fashion was so much fun.


Love and Joy.







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Rainy day and a Stunning Prom Couple

Rainy day and a Stunning Prom Couple


Prom is a time in every high schooler’s life that brings the excitement and joy to the formal fashion world. The boys all dressed up in their tuxedos and the girls in beautiful floor length gowns, they look red carpet ready; and that is just how Renae and Tommy looked for their first prom of the 2016 season.

We recreated this picture since last year one of their favorite pictures was a pose similar to this one.

We recreated this picture, because last year one of their favorite pictures, was a pose similar to this one.

Tommy looked runway ready with his charcoal grey suit and red tie, while Renae stole the hearts of many in her simply gorgeous fitted red dress.

The weather may have looked gloomy in the morning, but the sun broke through to shine a light on these two celebrating their high school life.

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Happy Shooting!

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