First Birthday in Marlton, NJ | Easton

First Birthday in Marlton, NJ | Easton

Marlton 1st Birthday

What is more fun than a little football fan celebrating his birthday?! Pretty much nothing! But adding in a cake smash does make it just a little more fun. Erin wanted an intimate session for  her son’s first birthday, so I meet her at her home. We started out in the backyard with Easton in an adorable green plaid shirt and jeans. As I made funny noises and asked him if he knew touchdown, he smiled laughed and played in the leaves.

Marlton 1st Birthday
For his second look mommy changed him into his Eagle jersey, after all Erin might be the Eagles biggest fan. (Easton had an Eagles birthday party.)

Marlton 1st Birthday Marlton 1st Birthday

Being that a cake smash is pretty messy we ended our session sitting on the floor in the kitchen. I set up a few balloons as Erin got Easton in his jeans and suspenders, I grabbed a few shots of the cake before we let Easton have at it. He jumped right in and started playing with it, although he was not a fan of eating the cake.

Marlton 1st BirthdayMarlton 1st Birthday Marlton 1st BirthdayMarlton 1st Birthday

Here’s to another year of creating memories!

Smashing Into One

Smashing Into One

Laila turned one this year and she celebrated with smashing her cake.

Laila turned one this year and she celebrated with smashing her cake.

Nothing is more fun than playing with your food as a one year old, but when you truly get to make a complete mess and not get in trouble, it’s even better! Laila turned one in January and I was there to capture all of the fun of turning one. We played with a balloon that was as big as she was, while she wore an adorable pink flower dress and white leggings.

One Years Old! One Years Old!

Time for cake, because everyone should be celebrated on their birthday. After a quick outfit and set change, it was time to get cake everywhere. Laila was a little shy at first but soon she was eating, smashing, and smearing the cake all over the floor, herself, and after it was all over that, the background was the next place.

One Years Old! One Years Old!One Years Old! One Years Old!




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Life, Frame by Frame is turning 1!

Life, Frame by Frame is turning 1!

A One-year-old blog is so many things —
A tiny discovery of learning,
A hugger of life’s perish moments,
A sweet story,
And a place for dreams and bright years ahead…

Life, Frame by Frame, is celebrating one year of being a blog! This year has gone by so fast, there have been so many lessons in learning how to take care of a blog. Letting it grow and spread it’s wings, I want to thank you for sharing and helping care for this little piece of my heart. I have loved sharing the frames of life with you and look forward to sharing more frames with you this year. Let’s look back at Life, Frame by Frame’s first year:


Exposure and shutter speed.


Frame by Frame loved sharing the stories of celebrating life’s accomplishments, like graduations.


Playing with magical fairies and amazing little kids.

Adam and Denise are in town from Pittsburgh and took a trip with Adam's brother Matt and his girlfriend Tonya to Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA.

Looking forward to the future of life and going off to college.

A year ago, we welcomed Life, Frame by Frame
A blog of TLM’s own.
Nervously and sleepily,
You took Frame by Frame into your home.
I figured out the blogging.
This goes how? and where?
You were told there would be teaching and reading,
And how to show we all care.
A year has gone so quickly,
Yet we have learned so much.
We’ve felt a love so strongly,
In a blog’s gentle touch.
We laughed and smiled, I cried and pouted.
Wow! Life can get so crazy!
But I wouldn’t trade a minute,
As I am thankful for you and your support.


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