Capturing Renae, Senior portraits

Capturing Renae, Senior portraits


Senior year is an exciting time in anyone’s high school career. What were the things you look forward to the most in high school? The Friday night football games, hanging out with your friends on the weekends, the senior trip, prom, and above all graduation day! That is exactly what Renae is doing this year; along with looking stunning in her senior portraits. Renae’s maroon sweater and cream lace skirt stood out against the orange, brown, and green leaves. Fall was a great time to take her pictures, the colors of the leaves made for a beautiful and colorful background.
Renae_3260 Renae

The old Slim’s Ranch gave us the hiking trails with the wooded feel, while open field showed us the meadow and openness that Renae loves; all with the colorful leaves of fall.

RenaeRenae Renae

Renae is an honor student, volunteer, and the captain of the soccer team.


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