Springtime Flowers

Springtime Flowers


It’s officially spring! Last week on the 21st it was the first official day of spring, although it has felt like spring since March 8th or so when it was 80 degrees for a few days. Watching the trees wake up from their winter naps is one of my favorite things, minus the allergies that come with them. The trees have buds on them and the dogwoods are starting to bloom or have already bloomed. The spring flowers are not far behind.


Spring brings new life, fresh colors, fragrant smells, laughter and smiles to the world that was hiding from the clean look of fresh snow. With all of the love and joy that comes along with the sunny days, of course the cameras come out. The mornings are starting earlier and the nights are ending later, which means more time to snap away.


The best times to photograph the new life of flowers and playing outside is in the early mornings as the sun is coming up or when the sun is going down in the evenings. These times are called the Golden Hour, because you won’t have to worry about long casting shadows on faces or across that pretty pink flower. Try shooting through a sandwich bag to get a hazy look on the edges of you flowers photos, getting in close for some macro photos, or free lens which I will be blogging about next time.

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Happy Spring and joyful shooting.

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