Shooting Photos and Video at the Same Time

Shooting Photos and Video at the Same Time

I would guess that you have seen the videos that photographers have from their photo shoots, (like this one, or this one, or this one) but what you might not know is that it is not always easy to shoot video and photos at the same time. Some of the DSLR cameras now allow you to shoot video and take a picture while you are videoing. I don’t like doing this because I feel I am taking away from capturing the best image possible. Instead, I ask my model(s) to do something a couple times, but not usually in a row this way it keeps the silly pictures, silly, and the inward beauty shots, just that radiating beauty and everything feeling fresh.

Danielle and Ashleah's graduation party.

So how do I do this? On my camera I have to switch into video mode or photo mode, so while my subject is getting ready, I switch back and forth depending on how I am going to shoot. I like to start with still photos first, this way they hear the shutter. Just like myself, many of my models, need time to warm up to the camera, the first few shots are just that; warm up shots. Typically after a few of those simply awkward pictures, yes I’m included, that’s when the real magic happens. They no longer feel silly or worried about being in front of the camera. Once their true self is revealed this is when I switch back and forth between video and photo.

Adam and Denise are in town from Pittsburgh and took a trip with Adam's brother Matt and his girlfriend Tonya to Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA.

Now it’s your turn to shoot video and photo during the same shoot. Don’t forget the fun music to help you and your model get into a relaxed ready for fun mood.



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