One Month Old Session in Marlton, NJ | Easton

One Month Old Session in Marlton, NJ | Easton


I was so excited when I got the call from Erin about doing her son’s 1 month old portraits. Erin had told me she wanted to do pictures, and just like most things before we knew it, a month had passed. I arrived at Erin’s shortly after noon and found the perfect place to take Easton’s adorable pictures. The lighting was beautiful, and there was enough room for my setup and for me to crawl around the backdrops. Once I got set up, we got Easton ready, and I got him posed; although he did not really care for the poses I picked. He was wide awake as he had a little nap before I got there. Easton would watch me as I picked up my camera and then would wiggle out of the wrap or pose. He even stuck his tongue out at me!



Joy and Love.










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