Man You Got Style

Man You Got Style


We have talked about things to do and how to prepare for a video, but we have not talked about what to wear, how to style your hair, or how you should do your make-up yet. Well this time we are, and I have brought on the wonderful ladies, Natalia and Renee from Beautify Me, LLC to help out. This week we will be focusing on the men, don’t worry ladies I have a few blogs coming up just for you.

First let me give you a little about Beautify Me, their mission is to help you to feel beautiful inside and out. They “strive to bring what you are feeling on the inside about yourself and translate it through your wardrobe, makeup, and hair.” Taking these principles Natalia helped me and our model, Matt, understand how men should dress to be casual yet professional while doing a video. She said the number one thing is to make sure you are comfortable, dressing in your professional style will help you feel comfortable and more like yourself. Presenting your video pitch to the world as the real you inside and out is really important.

Men's Clothing

Now time to talk about what Natalia recommends. Matt was wearing a maroon polo and tan khaki pants on the day we were writing and shooting this blog post. Our focus for this post was to be in casual business attire, which Matt was sporting already. Natalia recommends some other outfit options if Matt or you, the reader, want to change it up from the polo and khakis. A sports or suit jacket with dark jeans and loafers can be your way to go. If you have a more outgoing personality and like stripes or plaid clothing, choose a button down shirt and match it with a jacket and dark colored pants. I know it is summer time, so to mix in a little warm weather style with long sleeves, try rolling up your sleeves a few times to achieve a relaxed yet professional look.

 Men's Clothing  Men's Clothing

Clothing is just part of what you should be thinking about when doing a video. I know for women we like to accessorize with necklaces and bracelets. Men, you can do similar things. Matt was wearing a simple chain and a watch. Keeping it simple whether you are male or female is usually the best way to go for your professional video and even casual family pictures. Natalia even said for those of you who wear cuff links your don’t have to for a casual look with a sports jacket.

Mens Clothing

Now for the question the I’m sure so many of you men are asking, “do I have to wear make-up in my video?” The answer, “no you don’t.” Although recommended to use a powder, you don’t have to. Natalia recommends using rice paper or something like it to soak up all of the excess oil. She also said not to rub your face with it, but rather blotting you skin is the best way to use rice paper. The last but certainly not least, is hair style, again keeping it simple. Bold, flashy, and crazy is not the way to go when it comes to casual yet professional videos or photos. Beautify Me recommends keeping it to how you usually style your hair is the way to go, whether it is parting it to the side, or putting some product in it is the way to go. If you have longer hair definitely think about running a brush through your hair to get it looking neat and clean.

If you would like more style ideas or to contact Beautify Me, LLC visit them on Facebook or Instagram. As always I would love to see your style ideas that you came up with after this post, post your pictures in the comments below or share them with us on Facebook and Instagram.

Professional head shot by Tonya Moken.

Professional head shot by Tonya Moken.


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