Looking for Who?

Looking for Who?

We are all looking for someone or something, sometimes we know what it is and other times we don’t. People tell me all the time that they are looking to do video. That’s great everyone should be looking or already working on a video for their website and social media pages. In my experience the first thing I hear is, “I want video, but I don’t know what to do in the video or what I want to say.” All are important things to think about, but what about the videographer that is going to be working with you?

The production company, videographer, or camera operator might not seem like an important part of making your video, but they are vital to the success of your video. Here’s why, my guess (and I’m only guessing here):

  • You’re nervous about remembering your script or trying to read it.
  • You’re not comfortable in front of a camera, after all most of us are not seasoned actors or actresses.
  • Is this video going to show the “real” you and what your brand is?

These are all things that most people are concerned about when they start looking for a production company to shoot their video.

No matter, if the people that are talking to me about video choose to go with me, I tell them make sure you are comfortable with who ever you hire. Being comfortable with the person that is going to be working on the post side of your video is important. Have a few meetings with them, the first time is to get to know each other and most likely start getting your script and video ideas down on paper, after this initial meeting where you made sure the video has your vision in it, it is time to start shooting. If you are someone who does not like public speaking doing a video is going to be a little tougher. Let your videographer know, because they should be able to help you relax and calm your nerves, just like a duck on water.

Things to look for in your videographer:

  1. Timely: arriving on time for meetings and early to set up if you are not going to their studio.
  2. Energetic: you’re going to be nervous and scared when you first start. Having someone who is upbeat, making you laugh and smile will really help you feel better and more confident in what you are saying and the way you are acting.
  3. Video Look: I know this one seems a little funny to be looking for, but it is important. Ask for samples of their work, chances are your video is going to look similar to the samples. This is because all editor’s have a style, if you don’t like the samples they send you probably won’t like the video they do for you.
  4. Professional: this is a big one, because you want your video to look, feel, and BE professional, so it is important that your videographer is professional, but still making you feel comfortable.


Do you have a video up on your website yet? If not what is holding you back from getting one? Let me know what your thoughts are on video in the comments below.


Professional head shot by Tonya Moken.

Professional head shot by Tonya Moken.

Tonya Moken is the owner of TLM Productions, LLC, a business focusing on you in the South Jersey and Philadelphia area. Please call TLM Productions’ Tonya Moken at 609.440.6176 or email her at tonya.moken@TLMproductions.com for a project quote today!


Tonya Moken created TLM Productions, LLC because of her love of story telling through the mediums of videography and photography. Everyone has a story to tell, and Tonya wants to help you tell yours.

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