How to be Yourself

How to be Yourself

It’s that time of year again… the season of picture taking. Do you feel like yourself when you’re in front of the camera? 

Erica O’Rourke said once, “People spot a big black lens, and they worry about what they’re doing, or how their hair looks. Nobody sees the person holding the camera.” 

The same things happens (at first) in sessions it only takes a few shots and me being silly behind the camera that they realize they are with a photographer who’s going to make sure they look amazing, that they become themselves. So why are we all nervous about our photo sessions with a professional photographer?

  1. Self conscious
  2. Feel awkward and silly
  3. Photographer doesn’t know you
  4. Don’t like getting your picture taken

Do any of these sound right? If so, ways that you can feel more comfortable with your photographer and be yourself in your professionally captured pictures are:

  1. Meet with your photographer prior to the session.
    1. You’re creating an experience and memory during the session, make sure it is one that you will want to remember.
    2. You want to make sure that you get along with your photographer, if you don’t you are not going to like the pictures no matter how you look. 
    3. Find a photographer that makes you feel comfortable and excited about your session.
  2. Bring music that you like.
    1. Sometimes all you need is a little music to get lost in. 
      1. I’ve found that I like posing and smiling for the camera when I have fun upbeat music to put me in a great mood. 
  3. Pack a few of your favorite outfits.
    1. While the pictures you take during your session are all about your inner beauty, an outfit can help capture who you were during the time of the session.
    2. Are you … “the girly girl,” “a skater chic,” “the cool kid,” “academic sheek,” “all-star player?” No matter who you are, SHOW IT! 
      1. There is no time like the present and you will think back one day and remember the silly, fun, and crazy things you did when you were the __________ kid.

And remember, we all feel weird when all the focus is on us. Embrace the spotlight and SHINE.

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Tonya Moken created TLM Productions, LLC because of her love of story telling through the mediums of videography and photography. Everyone has a story to tell, and Tonya wants to help you tell yours.

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