Holiday Pictures in Your Own Home | Blackwood, NJ

Holiday Pictures in Your Own Home | Blackwood, NJ


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Do you find it stressful going to a jam packed portrait studio? Kids screaming and crying, jumping around trying to get your little one to smile, and you got maybe one photo that you like. If you own a phone that has a timer you will be able to get some fun candid and posed photos. Yes, you can take a few pictures that will be holiday card ready. We all like holiday traditions, making cookies, decorating the house, putting up a tree, or lighting candles. No matter what your tradition is here are some ways you can get card worth photos without the stress.


I am going to use making cookies as my example. Taking the pictures and being in them will be the fun part, but first a few tips to creating your photo. If you don’t have great lighting in your kitchen open the blinds and curtains and turn on the lights. Have everyone on the same side of the table, corners are great because you can get everyone close without them being right next to each other. I like using a box to raise my phone with a book or two behind it to keep it up. Set the timer and jump in front of the camera. You’ll have to keep re-setting the timer, but let the kids keep mixing or dropping cookies onto the trays. While everyone is having fun, have everyone look at the camera for a few pictures.


You will have some fun pictures that you will be in with your kids. This works for many of your holiday traditions and you can use anything to get the height you are looking for.



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