Holiday Photo Challenge

Holiday Photo Challenge

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is now upon us, Thanksgiving was this past Thursday, then there was Black Friday shopping, and yesterday was Cyber Monday. I hope all of you enjoyed your Thanksgiving with your family and friends. For those of you movie watchers tonight starts the 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family, for me, probably like many of you that means a lot of TV watching. But for me that also means today is the first day of my Holiday Photo Challenge.


I see a lot of people doing different challenges throughout the year to practice new skills in photography. I have accepted a 365 day challenge for the new year, yes that means one photo a day for the entire year. To start, why not be creative with a season of joy and a lot of creative things around? The holiday season I pretty much have my camera out 24/7 anyway, so I have created a list of 31 photos to take during this holiday season.

I will be posting my photos on Instagram and Facebook, follow me during the Holiday Photo Challenge to see the pictures I come up with. Are you up for the challenge? Take it with me! I’d love to see your photos on Facebook (TLM Productions) or Instagram (@_TLMproductions), be sure to tag me so I can follow you and your challenge.

*Bonus for the month of December, I will also be posting each week with a new tip or trick to creating some really cool holiday photos.*


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