Holiday Fun

Holiday Fun


Welcome to the holiday season! Thanksgiving has passed and Christmas is nearing and as always it’s a time of joy, excitement, gift shopping, decorations, holiday parties, giving thanks, and giving back. You have probably already took your holiday photos or have them scheduled, but what about some special ones of your family in front of your family’s decorations. In all of the holiday excitement and spirit, the camera comes out and spends a lot of time capturing all of the little memories that are the most cherished ones.

I love sitting in my living room with the lights turned down or off and letting the lights on the tree twinkle and glow. The tree bringing light to everything in the room, almost like it’s magic. Being in the magic, made me want to capture that magic. I pulled out my camera and rearranged the room a little so that I could create some pictures that I have seen on different social media sites.

I start with four little gold elves, we’ve had them for as long as I can remember and my mom had them when she was young. They are a staple on our tree. Since they are something that is really special in our house I wanted to take a few pictures of them with a beautiful bokeh background. I used my Canon EOS 70D, 18-135mm lens, a tripod and a remote (I didn’t want to create any shaking on the camera from me hitting the shutter). I put them about 2 feet away from the tree sitting on top of a lantern so that it would be up a little higher and I would be able to get the bokeh background. This trick will work when taking pictures of your kids too.

Do you remember when you were a kid and when you squinted your eyes the lights looked like they were flying off of the tree? There is a way to create that look with your camera, if you are using a DSLR start by setting up your camera on a tripod. Turn the lights down low or off, you are going to want to shoot in manual, so find your focus when you are pulled out then zoom in. Now it’s time for your exposure, I played with mine to find the right setting for what I wanted. I used a 2.5 second exposure and I left the aperture and ISO in auto. Once I had everything set up, I clicked my shutter and slowly and gently zoomed out from the tree. This gave me streaks of light coming from all angles.


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