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Hello Blogosphere!

Life Frame by Frame

Life: Frame by Frame is TLM Productions, LLC’s blog helping you get better or get a better understanding into the world of videography and photography.

Entering into a new year is always fun. We are starting the next chapter in our lives and I am excited to say, “I am starting the next chapter in my life and company.” Let me introduce myself, my name is Tonya Moken, I’m 22 years young, an entrepreneur (as of August 2013), lover of all things visual, and new to the blogging world. Being new to the blogging world and posting my first blog is kind of making me nervous, but just like anything else I just have to jump in and take the plunge. I created my own company, TLM Productions, LLC, to get the business professional on the second most used search engine, YouTube.com. As I started talking to prospective clients I realized that they don’t just want video, they want photographs to capture their personal lives too. Once I saw that they wanted both videography and photography, I added photography to my company and the rest is history.

I’m blogging to help you understand the worlds of videography and photography. The number one thing that I hear about video is, “I know I need video on my website, but I don’t know how or where to start.” I will be sharing my thoughts about my industry, the equipment I use, and techniques to think about when you are videoing or taking pictures. Let’s face it, we are all videoing and photographing our daily lives from the moment we wake up to when we go to sleep. Our world is becoming more visual with each passing day; I want to help you in this visual world to make your videos and pictures stand out amongst your world. I will be posting twice a month, once about videography and once about photography.

What are your thoughts are on video, YouTube, and photography? Let me know, I am here to help you learn more in the visual world. If you have questions or want to know how to do something leave a comment and I will create a future blog on that topic.

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Professional head shot by Tonya Moken.

Tonya Moken’s professional head shot done by TLM Productions.

Tonya Moken is the owner of TLM Productions, LLC, business focusing on you as the professional and individual in Somerdale, NJ. Please call TLM Productions’ Tonya Moken at 609.440.6176 or email her at tonya.moken@TLMproductions.com for a project quote today!


Tonya Moken created TLM Productions, LLC because of her love of story telling through the mediums of videography and photography. Everyone has a story to tell, and Tonya wants to help you tell yours.

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