Gloucester Township, NJ High School Senior Portraits | Tom

Gloucester Township, NJ High School Senior Portraits | Tom


Getting to work with high school seniors and learning about their passions is amazing. Lately, I have been working with a lot of athletes, many of them like Tom play more than one sport. Tom has been a soccer player since he was allowed to start playing, and when he got to high school he started wrestling. I meet Tom a few years ago and have worked with him the past two fall seasons for his soccer action collages.

This time around I got to go out on a shoot with Tom to his high school’s bleachers, so many football games watched from those seats. Not to mention all of the games that he got to play on that field, with the fans in the stands cheering Tom and his team on. While Tom is a star on the soccer field he is also a champion wrestler, this year Tom took #1 in his district for wrestling.

Good luck next year Tom in the beginning of your college journey and PA career.





Love and Joy.








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