Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

Every year this wonderful day comes around, a day to give thanks. The difference between today and other other holidays of giving thanks is that today you should thank everyone you know. Today is not a day I typically post a blog on, but I feel that I need to thank some amazing people in my life.

I want to start with all of you who are reading this, you are helping me live my dream. Many of you are friends and family or friends of friends, but still an amazing group of people that are showing their support week after week, day after day.

To my boyfriend who lets me go crazy over every little detail when shooting or working in post production, and sits by my side the whole time just laughing at me. His laughing at me makes me realize that the things I love about an artistic job is that little things will not always be perfect. Those imperfections are not imperfections, they are the true self being captured in a moment in time to live on with us for ever. “Life is perfectly, imperfect.”


My sisters, I have definitely driven you nuts with all of picture taking. Pretty much since I fell in love with photography 8 years ago, you both have been the subjects in learning how to pose people. We many not be huge fans of being in front of the camera, but we learn together and help each other. I have loved helping you learn Photoshop and learning everything you have taught me over the years.


Mom and Dad, you let my curiosity in technology take full bloom really young. I may not have understood it at the time, but with every passing year I learned a little more. You gave me my first “camera,” even though it did not work I would set up different toys. You told me that I can be anything I want to be and it may have sounded a little crazy that at 21 I said I wanted to create my own company, but you let me. Thank you for your continued support, now two years later I am able to write this post thanking you. I know I still have a little more growing up, and growing with TLM Productions, but I know you will be here every step of the way. Thank you for letting me live my dreams.


Thank you everyone for all of your support. I can’t wait for the next year to see where we will go together.


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Tonya Moken created TLM Productions, LLC because of her love of story telling through the mediums of videography and photography. Everyone has a story to tell, and Tonya wants to help you tell yours.

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