Christmas Morning for Parents | Cherry Hill, NJ

Christmas Morning for Parents | Cherry Hill, NJ


We all want pictures of kids opening up their presents from Santa on Christmas morning, but it is hard to take pictures and enjoy the exciting moments. While I don’t have kids, yet, I have heard many parents talking about how they feel like they missed the morning, because they were too busy taking pictures; or they have no pictures because they were enjoying the moments. There is a way to compromise and get a few photos, while enjoying the moments.


  1. Have your kids by the door with their eyes covered, have your camera ready and on the count of three they move their hands. This will give you the chance to capture all the excitement of them seeing the presents for the first time.
  2. If you don’t do this already, do this for at least one picture. Hand one present to one kid and take pictures as they open that one present, do this for each kid and you will have beautiful pictures of each of them opening one present.
  3. After all the presents are open and the wrapping paper is all over the room, grab a few more pictures of the kids playing with their toys in the midst of all of the mess.


These are the memories that you probably have every year and now you will be able to hold on to them forever.



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