Blackwood, NJ Couple’s Session is Celebrating 40 Years! | Pam + Ron

A Blackwood, NJ Couple is Celebrating 40 Years! | Pam and Ron’s Couple’s session

Today is TLM Productions’ 40th blog! It’s crazy to think that we have been blogging for over a year now; bring you 40 different tips, tricks, ideas to try, and the amazing stories of our wonderful client’s sessions. We are celebrating one lovely couple today.

Blackwood, NJ Couples Portrait Session

It’s hard to say nowadays, life has changed but we all still believe in the values. Life is not always easy, someone once said “Life is like a rollercoaster, you can either scream or throw your hands up in the air and enjoy the ride.” This couple has been together for 40 years, they followed the saying for sure; celebrating them and their amazing journey.

Blackwood, NJ Couples Portrait SessionBlackwood, NJ Couples Portrait Session

We had a lot of fun during our session and I look forward to shooting again with them.




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A Philadelphia, PA Couple’s Session | Jack + Kerri

A Philadelphia, PA Couple’s photo session at Fairmount Park | Pennsylvania Couples Photographer

New Jersey couple, Jack and Kerri celebrate a year together. They visit Fairmount Park, in Philadelphia, PA, where they had their first date.

Life can be crazy, but when you have someone by your side, it makes life easier. I had the pleasure shooting with Jack and his girlfriend Kerri. When I asked them if there was a place that they would like to have their shoot they said Fairmount Park in Philadelphia. I had not been there before, I’ve heard it’s beautiful, so I was excited!

Jack and Kerri celebrate a year together by visiting Fairmount Park, where they had their first date.

Do you remember your first date with your boyfriend or girlfriend? I’m sure you do, I like to tell my couples to choose a place that means something to them. On our way I asked why they choose Fairmount Park, Jack replied with “It was where we had our first date.” All I could do was smile, isn’t that so sweet! I was am so happy that I could help them hold onto such a great memory.

Jack and Kerri celebrate a year together by visiting Fairmount Park, where they had their first date.New-Jersey-Couple-Session-Fairmount-Park-PhiladelphiaNew-Jersey-Couple-Session-Fairmount-Park-PhiladelphiaNew-Jersey-Couple-Session-Fairmount-Park-Philadelphia


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