Happy 3rd Birthday Blog! | Blackwood, NJ

Happy 3rd Birthday Blog! | Blackwood, NJ


It’s been three years since we started blogging, many things have changed. We learned how to walk, figured out what our personality is, and learned what our voice is.

We started out with some teaching videos, transitioned into stories about our sessions, and now we also share some personal blogs. As we are still learning our steps, voice and where we want to go, we are looking back on just a few of your favorite posts over the last three years.

Best Friends Ceremony

Partners for Life Ceremony at Adelphia’s in Deptford, NJ | Donna & Johnny

Fall Senior Portraits

Senior Portraits at Washington Township Lake Park | Lauren

Couple's Beach Session

Brigantine, NJ Sunset Couple’s Portraits | Renae + Tom


An Athlete’s Prom | Washington Township, NJ

NYC Fashion Week

New York City Fashion Week


Skiing & Snowboarding Portraits at Blue Mountain Resort in Palmerton, PA

Skiing & Snowboarding Portraits at Blue Mountain Resort in Palmerton, PA


It’s known that I love shooting sports, I get to meet so many new athletes each year and spend my days on the fields. My latest adventure as a sports photographer was just a few weeks ago at Blue Mountain Resort. I’ve taken pictures just for fun as I was skiing down the mountain on my little point and shoot or GoPro, but this was the first time that I was getting to set up shots and create portraits. Renae and Tom headed out with me on the mountain, we got to the terrain park that had a great jump at the end of the park. After a number of jumps, we headed down the mountain to start again at the top of the terrain park again.

Snowboarding and Skiing

Snowboarding and Skiing

Now we were focused on the bars where Renae and Tom flew off with grace. I’m looking forward to getting to shoot snowboarders again and maybe next time add in a few skiers.

Snowboarding and Skiing Snowboarding and Skiing Snowboarding and Skiing Snowboarding and Skiing

Celebrating 100 Blogs | Somerdale, NJ

TLM’s 100th Blog Post!


It’s TLM Productions 100th blog post! I can’t believe that I have been blogging for almost three years and have hit 100 blogs. This little corner of the internet has been my little home away from home with company, I have loved bring my clients stories to life and not just show their pictures. I have also shared a few personal blogs over the last year, as I am planning my wedding; don’t worry there will be a few more before this year is up.

Learning how to write out the stories of TLM’s clients was a learning curve, but it was the perfect way for me to build an even better relationship with them. Some of you have even shared your thoughts that you wanted to share on the blog too! Sharing with you are your favorite pictures from Instagram this past year!

Senior Prom at Mansion on Main Street in Voorhees, NJ

This was your absolute favorite, Tommy standing in front of this shinning red Dodge!

Family Portraits at Camden Waterfront

Simone shined brighter than the sun during her family portrait session.


Matt and I celebrating our engagement minutes after he proposed.

Engagement in Philadelphia, PA

Vince and Kate celebrating their love during their engagement session on the Philadelphia Art Museum’s steps.

Prom at Adventure Aquarium, Camden, NJ

Lauren looking stunning during her prom portraits before heading off to the Adventure Aquarium for a night of dancing.

Snowy Senior Portraits

Maddy showing her love for the snow in a snowy March session.

One Month Old Photos

Little Easton showing all the new things that he has learned, like holding his blanket.


Celebrating the Fourth of July with fireworks on the Camden Waterfront. 


Renae wrapping up in a warm blanket last winter for a different kind of senior portrait. 

Scranton, PA Marywood University | Best Friends Portraits

Scranton, PA Marywood University | Best Friends Portraits

Friends in Scranton PA

What happens when you have a group of besties?! An amazing session full of laughter, smiles, whispered jokes, and did I mention the laughter?

Friends in Scranton PA

I was in Scranton for a short vacation and a chance to get to see my sister, since we didn’t get to see each other for the holiday. It’s a cool day in early December, I may have been all bundled up, but the girls wore fall colored knitted sweaters, loose fitting flannels, paired with jeans, leggings, and of course the latest boots. (I will say that I wish I had this much style while I was in college.) While planning the roomies session, they had to choose the location, since I didn’t know the area and they wanted to be on campus. The girls picked a great location, down by a dried up pond.

Friends in Scranton PA

I know I mentioned this before, but the laughter was contagious from these girls. I’m looking forward to getting to work with them again.

Friends in Scranton PAFriends in Scranton PA Friends in Scranton PA Friends in Scranton PA Friends in Scranton PA

Haddonfield, NJ Senior Portraits | Alexis

Haddonfield, NJ Senior Portraits | Alexis

Senior Portraits

The last few leaves hanging on, the quickly fading light of fall, Pennypacker Park in Haddonfield has a long ivy trail with a lake, the fading orange leaves all made for the perfect backdrop for Alexis’s senior portraits. Alexis and I meet last spring during her family’s portrait session, after their family pictures, they knew they wanted a different kind of senior picture.

Senior Portraits

Alexis wore a beautiful rust orange sweater, jeans, and knee high boots.

Senior Portraits

She even let me try a new firefly look in pictures and laughed at me the whole time, while I tried to get the perfect look.

Senior Portraits

I’m looking forward to Alexis’ next winter, snowy themed session.

Senior PortraitsSenior Portraits

Christmas Morning for Parents | Cherry Hill, NJ

Christmas Morning for Parents | Cherry Hill, NJ


We all want pictures of kids opening up their presents from Santa on Christmas morning, but it is hard to take pictures and enjoy the exciting moments. While I don’t have kids, yet, I have heard many parents talking about how they feel like they missed the morning, because they were too busy taking pictures; or they have no pictures because they were enjoying the moments. There is a way to compromise and get a few photos, while enjoying the moments.


  1. Have your kids by the door with their eyes covered, have your camera ready and on the count of three they move their hands. This will give you the chance to capture all the excitement of them seeing the presents for the first time.
  2. If you don’t do this already, do this for at least one picture. Hand one present to one kid and take pictures as they open that one present, do this for each kid and you will have beautiful pictures of each of them opening one present.
  3. After all the presents are open and the wrapping paper is all over the room, grab a few more pictures of the kids playing with their toys in the midst of all of the mess.


These are the memories that you probably have every year and now you will be able to hold on to them forever.


Holiday Pictures in Your Own Home | Blackwood, NJ

Holiday Pictures in Your Own Home | Blackwood, NJ


Engagement Session at Longwood Gardens

Do you find it stressful going to a jam packed portrait studio? Kids screaming and crying, jumping around trying to get your little one to smile, and you got maybe one photo that you like. If you own a phone that has a timer you will be able to get some fun candid and posed photos. Yes, you can take a few pictures that will be holiday card ready. We all like holiday traditions, making cookies, decorating the house, putting up a tree, or lighting candles. No matter what your tradition is here are some ways you can get card worth photos without the stress.


I am going to use making cookies as my example. Taking the pictures and being in them will be the fun part, but first a few tips to creating your photo. If you don’t have great lighting in your kitchen open the blinds and curtains and turn on the lights. Have everyone on the same side of the table, corners are great because you can get everyone close without them being right next to each other. I like using a box to raise my phone with a book or two behind it to keep it up. Set the timer and jump in front of the camera. You’ll have to keep re-setting the timer, but let the kids keep mixing or dropping cookies onto the trays. While everyone is having fun, have everyone look at the camera for a few pictures.


You will have some fun pictures that you will be in with your kids. This works for many of your holiday traditions and you can use anything to get the height you are looking for.


Cape May, NJ Wedding at Mt. Vernon Beach | Samantha &Matthew

Cape May, NJ Wedding at Mt. Vernon Beach | Samantha & Matthew


Samantha’s dream wedding happened this past Memorial Day weekend! Her dream of a beach wedding happened in between the thunder and scattered showers. The gloomy day was not going to stop Sam and Matt saying “I do” in their simple yet beautiful beach ceremony.

Wedding_Cape-May-NJ_4 Wedding_Cape-May-NJ_4

The guys copied the “Beatles famous picture” while crossing the street to get the trolley. The trolley arrived on the corner of the main strip in Cape May, to pick up the groom and guests and take them to Mount Vernon beach. It was a few minute drive but everyone seemed to enjoy getting to start the laughs and celebrating early.


After a lovely ceremony we all jumped on the trolley and headed to the Victorian house that Sam and Matt rented for the reception. The backyard had a wonderful romantic beach theme for this cute intimate wedding.

Wedding_Cape-May-NJ_4 Wedding_Cape-May-NJ_4 Wedding_Cape-May-NJ_4 Wedding_Cape-May-NJ_4 Wedding_Cape-May-NJ_4 Wedding_Cape-May-NJ_4 Wedding_Cape-May-NJ_4 Wedding_Cape-May-NJ_4

Congratulations Samantha and Matthew!

Love and Joy!

©2017 TLM Productions, LLC
Hired by David Tutera Photography as a second shooter.


Wedding Planning for the Non-wedding Planner | Picking Vendors

Wedding Planning for the Non-wedding Planner | Picking Vendors


It’s time for another personal blog.

Engagement Session at Longwood Gardens

Weddings are time for celebration and joy and I hear the day of is wonderful! I have found that trying to pick vendors can be challenging. As I sit here writing this, I am still missing a few, but I have found that getting some help has made the world of a difference. Matt and I started researching different venues and vendors a few days after our engagement. So many people were asking us about the venue, the photographer (many asked if I was doing my own pictures lol), and everything else. We had not started thinking about anything yet, because it was only the day after we got engaged.


It took Matt and me four months pick our ceremony and reception venue, but it only took me about 1 day to know who I wanted to be our photographer. If you are in the process of planning anything, you will see things like this happening. While Matt and I were going through all of the vendor research, we wanted to make sure that we liked each vendor we would be working with. Knowing that we liked and shared similar views as the owners, even if it would be someone else working with us on our wedding day, we knew that we would get along and have a great day. Matt and I are in similar industries that we need to be hiring for our wedding. This means that we know what we want, and it makes it a little harder to pick who we want to work with.

Engagement Session at Longwood Gardens

While picking some vendor were easy, we are still on the fence for a few others, and for that … we needed some help. I asked Keara of Keara Anne Weddings for some help finding a florist, and she has been amazing! She sent me a great list of florists for Matt and me to review. If you are looking for a wedding planner, I highly recommend Keara. She takes everything you are thinking of and comes back with what you were thinking and more.

As for styling, we needed some help with the groomsmen and Matt’s outfit. Matt and I knew that we did not want him in a full tux, but what we wanted was proving hard to find. We asked stylist, Susan of Susan Padron Stylist, for some help and she came back with a few wonderful outfits. Now it’s time for us to just decide on the final colors.

Being Thankful all Year Round | Cherry Hill, NJ

Being Thankful all Year Round | Cherry Hill, NJ


It’s the time of year that we start to think about the things that we are thankful for. I have been working on this list all year long, because I’m thankful for all the little moments in my life. We all have so much to be thankful for, family (biological and the ones we choose), friends, and that we wake up each day with love in our life.


While I love all the little moments, the big moments that I am most thankful for this year are :


Matt proposing!

Engagement Session at Longwood Gardens


Going to see Renae at college in Georgia with my mom and Tara.


Getting to shoot some amazing seniors.

Senior Portraits

Taking my first family vacation with Matt’s family to Disney world.


Spending time with my family.


Shooting sports and spending time on the athletic fields.

High school sports

Capturing the moments that families will hold dear.

Family Portraits


What you’re most thankful moments this year?