Cape May, NJ Wedding at Mt. Vernon Beach | Samantha &Matthew

Cape May, NJ Wedding at Mt. Vernon Beach | Samantha & Matthew


Samantha’s dream wedding happened this past Memorial Day weekend! Her dream of a beach wedding happened in between the thunder and scattered showers. The gloomy day was not going to stop Sam and Matt saying “I do” in their simple yet beautiful beach ceremony.

Wedding_Cape-May-NJ_4 Wedding_Cape-May-NJ_4

The guys copied the “Beatles famous picture” while crossing the street to get the trolley. The trolley arrived on the corner of the main strip in Cape May, to pick up the groom and guests and take them to Mount Vernon beach. It was a few minute drive but everyone seemed to enjoy getting to start the laughs and celebrating early.


After a lovely ceremony we all jumped on the trolley and headed to the Victorian house that Sam and Matt rented for the reception. The backyard had a wonderful romantic beach theme for this cute intimate wedding.

Wedding_Cape-May-NJ_4 Wedding_Cape-May-NJ_4 Wedding_Cape-May-NJ_4 Wedding_Cape-May-NJ_4 Wedding_Cape-May-NJ_4 Wedding_Cape-May-NJ_4 Wedding_Cape-May-NJ_4 Wedding_Cape-May-NJ_4

Congratulations Samantha and Matthew!

Love and Joy!

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Hired by David Tutera Photography as a second shooter.


Wedding Planning for the Non-Wedding Planner

Wedding Planning for the Non-Wedding Planner


I am in no way a wedding professional, and today this is not a post about one of my sessions. It’s a personal blog that I wanted to share, well it will be part 1 of a few. If you are recently engaged or just love everything wedding, then you may enjoy a personal account of real life wedding planning for the non wedding planner. I got engaged this past winter! I was so excited, and I still am. I get to plan an amazing celebration with my best friend. Yes, I am having Matt help me in every piece of the wedding planning process, after all it is OUR day.

Engagement Session at Longwood Gardens

Probably the most important thing we’ve learned, you have to pick and choose your battles and just let somethings go. I am so happy that Matt and I took time for just the two of us to discuss what we really wanted and what was most important to both of us. For Matt, it was the caterer and then maybe the venue, for me it was the photographer and then the venue. With this in mind, we knew what we would want to fight for the most. Other than a little push back on the barn venue, there was not much arguing; but after explaining that the barn we picked had air conditioning and was not a barn for livestock anymore, everyone was on the same page.  Now we have all three of our wants booked for our July 2018 wedding, but it was not all easy sailing to get to this point.

In the days after our engagement, I learned real quick that everyone wanted to tell Matt and I what our wedding should be. No I don’t mean what they thought it should be, I mean what they wanted. No idea was held back; from the venue, to the dress, to pretty much anything you can think of. Some were serious “request/suggestions,” and others were joking around. My favorite joke one came from my cousins. The wedding my cousin’s planned was held in my grandparents’ backyard and included pizza, a keg, and a bouncy house. It wasn’t really my ideal wedding, but we all had a good laugh.

Engagement Session at Longwood Gardens

Matt and I still have a ways to go before we can say that we are done with the wedding planning, but we have learned that what is important for us IS worth standing our ground for. We now have our list of things that are negotiable, and we are learning what is important to our parents.


Navigating the world of wedding planning is not an easy thing, and it’s pretty stressful at times. Not everyone likes the same thing or agrees on what something should look like. My suggestion is to sit down with all of your parents, talk about what they have envisioned your wedding would look like, and then start the planning. This way at least you have an idea before you start the planning, whether you take their vision into account or not, or just part of it. Don’t forget to have your list of non negotiables and negotiables, after all the wedding is about you, but it’s also for your parents.

Engagement Session at Longwood Gardens

What’s in my Bag | TLM Productions

What’s in my Bag? | TLM Productions

I have been asked a few times what do I take out on a shoot with me. For me it really depends on what kind of shoot I am going to, since today I am heading out to a portrait session I’ll show you what I take with me. Before March I would pack everything I needed up in my Vanguard backpack style camera bag, now I use my style-ish over the shoulder Missy Mint Johansen camera bag. I love my Johansen because most people don’t realize that it is a camera bag, and you can use it for a girls night out without the camera gear. But what is inside is what you are all wondering I’m sure.

I am a Canon girl, sorry Nikon shooters, but I’m sure you will still get a few ideas. Well as I am a Canon girl at heart (as of now), I have my trusty Canon 70D, it was my first DSLR camera and has served me well.

For my lenses, I use all Canon lens: EF 70-300mm, EFS 18-135mm, and a EF 50mm.

The 70-300mm is able to “compress” the background to bring out the bokeh of the image. I like using this lens first because people can be shy at first. This lens allows for a little private time while warming up to camera.

A 18-135mm lets me in a little, I use this to come in and work closer to my subject.

The 50mm lens lends it hand in creating shallow depth of field pretty quickly and it’s great for close ups of rings for engagement sessions or props that were used during the session.

These are my go to lenses, that are by my side for you. Of course a few other things always find their way into my bag, like a much need wallet, chapstick because I am always putting it on, business cards, keys, spare battery and a few SD cards.

I love my TurtleTaylor camera neck strap.

Happy shooting.


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Happy 2nd Birthday Life! | Two years of Blogging

Happy 2nd Birthday Life! And fourth year of business | New Jersey Senior Photographer


OMG! I can’t believe that Life has been TLM Productions’ blog for two years! I feel like I just started blogging yesterday about my amazing clients and sharing some tips. I love taking care of Life, because everything with TLM is like taking care of a child. After all they say starting a business is like raising a child, while I don’t have any kids of my own yet, I do have a few furry babies. They are my world and sometimes drive me crazy with their games and fighting.

TLM  and Life are my babies and watching them grow has been amazing! To help me celebrate, all of TLM and Life’s moments the past year, my furry babies helped me with celebrate my other babies this year. We went to our local park to play and celebrate Life.


Joy and Love


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Looking Back on 2016 with TLM Productions | South Jersey

Looking Back on 2016 with TLM Productions | South Jersey

2017 is only a few days away and we are looking back at some of our favorite pictures, sessions, and blogs for the 2016 year.


TLM Productions started the year off with celebrating Laila’s first birthday with a cake smash session. Laila had cake all over everything and we had a dance party too!


We joined a few seniors and helped them celebrate their senior year with senior portraits that showed off their personal styles.


Ran the fields with the amazing TLM Sports athletes!


Shared the love with our loving couples to celebrate proms, weddings, love, and engagements!



Here is to an amazing 2017!

Life, Frame by Frame is turning 1!

Life, Frame by Frame is turning 1!

A One-year-old blog is so many things —
A tiny discovery of learning,
A hugger of life’s perish moments,
A sweet story,
And a place for dreams and bright years ahead…

Life, Frame by Frame, is celebrating one year of being a blog! This year has gone by so fast, there have been so many lessons in learning how to take care of a blog. Letting it grow and spread it’s wings, I want to thank you for sharing and helping care for this little piece of my heart. I have loved sharing the frames of life with you and look forward to sharing more frames with you this year. Let’s look back at Life, Frame by Frame’s first year:


Exposure and shutter speed.


Frame by Frame loved sharing the stories of celebrating life’s accomplishments, like graduations.


Playing with magical fairies and amazing little kids.

Adam and Denise are in town from Pittsburgh and took a trip with Adam's brother Matt and his girlfriend Tonya to Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA.

Looking forward to the future of life and going off to college.

A year ago, we welcomed Life, Frame by Frame
A blog of TLM’s own.
Nervously and sleepily,
You took Frame by Frame into your home.
I figured out the blogging.
This goes how? and where?
You were told there would be teaching and reading,
And how to show we all care.
A year has gone so quickly,
Yet we have learned so much.
We’ve felt a love so strongly,
In a blog’s gentle touch.
We laughed and smiled, I cried and pouted.
Wow! Life can get so crazy!
But I wouldn’t trade a minute,
As I am thankful for you and your support.


©2016 TLM Productions, LLC.

Looking Back on 2015

Looking Back on 2015


We had a great 2015, I hope you all did too. I am looking forward to another amazing year. I want to share a few of my favorite photos from this past year. It was so hard to choose since there were so many great ones.

Renae and Tom are going to Renae's junior prom.

Renae and Tommy looked stunning on their way to prom.

Newborn session of Laila on January 30, 2015.

Lalia looking adorable in her newborn photos with her wonderful parents.

3 Month Photos

Jameson and his Star Wars crew.

Adam and Denise are in town from Pittsburgh and took a trip with Adam's brother Matt and his girlfriend Tonya to Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA.

The magical little fairy, Gracie.


The love between Tonya and Matt.

Mickey Paradiso's senior portraits taken at Washington Township Lake park.

Mickey and her fabulous fall senior portraits.

September 2015 Super Moon (Blood Moon) Lunar Eclipse, on September 27, 2015.

The beauty of nature’s landscape.

Tonya Moken creates one of a kind action collages for players. Athletes love their action collage because it is a custom creation just for them to treasure for years to come.

The fierce and talented soccer captain.


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