Branding Portraits with Keara Anne Weddings | Jenkintown, PA

Branding Portraits with Keara Anne Weddings | Jenkintown, PA


I love meeting people and getting to learn about them. Rising Tide Society is a great group for creatives and wedding industry people. I met Keara at our RTS June meeting at Ali’s Wagon in Philadelphia, we got to talking after the meeting and continued emailing over the next month. We wanted to work together and we figured out the perfect way to start, Keara is just starting Keara Anne Weddings, her wedding coordination company and needed some new headshots and lay flats that showed off her colorful style.

Keara Anne Weddings

Keara and I meet at her office in July, after a little rearranging a few things to get the best lighting, we got her office set up. We wanted to show off just a few of the items, that you will find on her desk during one of your in-person meetings. Keara is not only an entrepreneur, but also a mom, so we got a few shots of her adorable boys helping her work, and playing on the side of her desk.   

Keara Anne Weddings

After hanging out in her office for a little, we headed to downtown Jenkintown, PA. It was time for head shots and some lifestyle photos to finish off our session. I am looking forward to getting to work with Keara again. If you are looking for a month of / day of coordinator or just some help with your wedding planning be sure to check out Keara’s website here.

Keara Anne Weddings Keara Anne Weddings Keara Anne Weddings

Love and Joy.

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