Shooting High School and Youth Sports | Blackwood, NJ

Shooting High School and Youth Sports


The fall is my busiest sports season, I spend most of September on a soccer, football, or field hockey field getting all of the pictures I needed for the collages I am creating. Because I spend so much time on the fields walking around with a camera in hand, I get a lot of questions from parents and friends about what settings I’m using and equipment. Today I want to share with you just a few of the settings I use.

High school sports

Shutter Speed: 3200, ISO: 800, Aperture: f/5


I have had my Canon 70D for a few years now and I love it. This does not mean that you have to run out and switch to Canon, I know they are expensive and I have seen some amazing photographs from different brands. The best thing I can recommend is find the camera that fits your budget and if you are going to try your hand at sports photography, be sure to get one that you can eventually grow into manual mode. I started on a point and shoot camera in full auto, but now I shoot on a DSLR and in full manual. I upgraded my starter kit lens to a 70-300mm lens, so that I could get those across the field shots.

High school sports

Shutter Speed: 800, ISO: 250, Aperture: f/7.1


Depending on the weather my settings will change, if you are just starting out, try putting your aperture or ISO or both in auto. Slowly transition into manual that way you understand what each setting is doing. Learning your shutter speed might be the easiest one to learn when you are still learning to shoot sports. With that being said, I don’t recommend shooting any lower than 250 as your shutter speed. Once you get to 200 or lower with a fast paced sport your picture could get blurry.

High school sports

Shutter Speed: 1328, ISO: 6400, Aperture: f/5


I hope all this helps as you hit the fields in the last few week of the fall season.

High school sports

Wedding in Blackwood, NJ at the Palace | Denise & Brian

Blackwood, NJ Wedding at the Palace | Denise & Brian


When you love a holiday, how do you celebrate? With a wedding of course! Denise and Brian invited friends and family to their wedding Cinco de Mayo at the Palace in Blackwood, NJ. Brian and Denise are down to earth but love to party, and their wedding was the perfect place to do so. Although it was raining outside, you would never know inside with all the shining smiles. Denise and Brian chose Disney’s Aladdin’s “It’s A Whole New World” to walk out of their ceremony to.


It stopped raining after the ceremony and we were able to slip outside for some bridal party and individual portraits.

Wedding_Blackwood-NJ_3 Wedding_Blackwood-NJ_3 Wedding_Blackwood-NJ_3

Of course you have to walk in with sombrero, if your wedding is on May 5th.


After a night of dancing and a conga-line, they enjoyed their cake with a little icing on the nose.
Wedding_Blackwood-NJ_3 Wedding_Blackwood-NJ_3

Congratulations Denise and Brian!

Love and Joy.














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Networking in your Network | TLM Productions

Networking in your Network


Networking. The word itself seems as though it has this stigma on it, but why? It’s just a word, right? This is where my answer gets weird, yes it is just a word, and yes the stigma surrounding it is there. If you look up articles on networking you will find many articles on how to network and networking for introverts and probably everything in between. While I am all for getting out there and going to the meetings, today I want to talk about having others help you network for your small business.


When I was in high school, I told my parents that I wanted to go to school for broadcasting. They thought I was crazy, but they started talking to their friends and realized that they in fact knew and a handful of people within the industry. My parents friends were outside of my network, but not that far out of reach. After graduation I reached out to their friends and was able to talk to a handful of companies, I probably would not have been able to get in the door otherwise. So after making my rounds of talking and even working for some of them, I started figuring out how to use my network to grow my business. I’m sure you have seen many times online somewhere that you can’t make it as a photographer, and while I am still building my brand and company you can do it.


I started out with taking photos for many of my family’s friends and even using my family to build my portfolio. Then my break into getting people who don’t know me! This is the amazing part of networking, I wanted to start shooting sports and it was hard to find my in with local teams. My mom one day got an email from a parent on my sister’s high school soccer team asking if anyone knew a photographer. I took the parent’s email address and reached out, I did 6 collages and 1 package of action shots that year! The parents of my sister’s soccer team were not in my network, but they were in my moms. I learned that I need to use my mom, dad, and sister’s networks in order to spread the order that I was a photographer and I am here. This brought me to asking my family to network for me, NO I did not stop building my network on my own. I continued to build and add their networks to mine.


I still go out to networking meetings and I have my favorite groups to meet with, but now I have more people networking for me too! My network has grown and so has my network’s network. I know this sounds funny, but as I get new clients and repeat clients they network for me. I have two favorite examples, the first one: I did a senior session for Lauren last year, she was one of my athletes that I had been working with for a few years. She had a lot of fun during her session and told her entire soccer team. I showed up to one of her games and when she saw me, she yelled across the field hello and said that’s my photographer! My second favorite, is a friend of my sisters did a snowy senior session with me. Maddy loved the pictures and posted one on Instagram, a friend of hers saw and loved the picture too and wanted to have their own session. We booked a family session with them and they love the pictures and gallery I did for them.


I will continue to network and grow my network with the help of my growing network and new found partners in networking.


I hope you are going to start networking within your network, too!

Media, PA Wedding Celebrating Two Cultures | Vishal + Ajila

Media, PA Wedding Celebrating Two Cultures | Vishal + Ajila

An unusually warm fall day in late September, a sweet ceremony in a romantic stone walled church. Candles flickering and love floating through the air, as the flower girl lets the rose petals fall gently to the floor. Vishal and Ajila’s intimate wedding ceremony was the perfect start to their life filled with tradition. Ajila’s elegant white dress and chapel length veil paired with Vishal’s James Bond style black suit, a wonderful fit to their lovely personalities. The stone walls of the Kings Mills building help show off the bold red of the bridesmaids dresses and the groomsmen’s ties as the group showed off how much fun they like to have. We think their favorite part of the bridal party pictures was when the groomsmen tried to carry Vishal off, but he was holding Ajila’s hand as she tried to give him a kiss.

Indian Wedding in Media, PA

The fun didn’t end there, it’s time to change to outfit number two! Everyone went to change, because now it’s time to show off their party side and share in their Indian tradition. Ajila’s gorgeously stunning navy blue and gold saree looked amazing next to Vishal’s gold and maroon Sherwani, which he looked handsome in, by the way! We walked by, what we can only guess would be an outdoor ceremony space and did a few portraits there, before heading to an arch that just drew your eye to them, if your weren’t already just staring in amazement of how wonderful these two are together.

Indian Wedding in Media, PA Indian Wedding in Media, PA

Well, it’s time now to hit the dance floor and if you have not been to an Indian wedding before, you better bring your dancing shoes. Everyone was on the dance floor after the cake cutting and and I mean everyone!

Indian Wedding in Media, PA Indian Wedding in Media, PA



Congratulations to Vishal and Ajila!
Here’s to many years of happiness.

New York City Fashion Week

New York City Fashion Week


Have you ever felt like a kid in a candy store? This is how I felt on the train ride up to New York City on the second Saturday in September. Let me back track just a little. Earlier this year, I worked with Jamal a wedding and fashion photographer. We kept in touch over the last few months and fashion week was our opportunity to work together again. Now back to the kid in a candy store…

NYC Fashion Week

I will say that I am not one with the best fashion sense (I’m working on it), but I love seeing the amazing designs that the designers come up with. Faraj Couture’s Mod Mara ( was amazing! I could totally see myself wearing a few of her outfits out for a fancy date night. Glitter Trunk Fine Art Jewelry’s jewelry was beautifully paired with Faraj’s designs. The girl’s were so sweet and had a lot of fun when we headed out to the streets for some fun New York style fashion week photos.

NYC Fashion Week NYC Fashion Week NYC Fashion Week NYC Fashion Week NYC Fashion Week NYC Fashion Week NYC Fashion Week NYC Fashion Week

Thank you Jamal for inviting me.