A Hunter’s Portrait Session in New Castle, PA

A Hunter’s Portrait Session in New Castle, PA


Wow, I still am in shock that I did this session. I had a blast shooting with Andrew, but my heart was pounding and possibly in my throat. I found a new collage last year that I wanted to try out, but I needed a hunter to ‘model’ for me or as Andrew kept saying, ‘posing.’ We did our shoot on Christmas Eve morning, while Matt and I were out in the Pittsburgh area visiting his family and my soon to be family and some amazing new friends.

I originally thought Andrew only did rifle hunting, with this I knew that the gun would be unloaded. A couple of days before Andrew sent me a text asking what he should bring; I was confused, until Matt told me that Andrew also did archery. I was excited about being able to do both archery and rifle, but I was also becoming really nervous. (My only experience with archery was when I was at girl scout camp and my sister was the only one who could hit the target.) Matt and I arrived at Andrew’s on a misty, cloud filled morning, Andrew grabbed his bow and arrow and we headed out to the woods. We found the perfect spot! Andrew lifted the bow up and pulled the string and arrow back and I grabbed a few shots.

Of course, I wanted a shot of him facing me because it would be an amazing shot!

Above is the scariest shot that I have taken so far in my life.

But look how amazing this compilation looks!

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High School Junior Portraits in the Snow | Maddy

High School Junior Portraits in the Snow | Maddy


Maddy and I met last year through Renae, and worked together this past fall on her soccer collage with her brother. I was so excited to get to work with Maddy again and this time not from the sidelines of a soccer field. During last week’s snow storm, Maddy and I headed out into the snow squalls for some fun snowy junior year portraits. We choose a local park in Gloucester Township, that has a beautiful lake and was right down the street from both of us! Tuesday’s wintery mix laid the perfect white snow on the ground, but the rain made it icy and a little slippery. As we slid our way out to the lake, we started laughing that there were geese walking around on the ice doing better than we were.

Maddy nailed her winter, snow outfit!

If you are looking for the perfect snow day portrait session outfit, check out where Maddy got her outfits at these links:







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