Looking Back on 2016 with TLM Productions | South Jersey

Looking Back on 2016 with TLM Productions | South Jersey

2017 is only a few days away and we are looking back at some of our favorite pictures, sessions, and blogs for the 2016 year.


TLM Productions started the year off with celebrating Laila’s first birthday with a cake smash session. Laila had cake all over everything and we had a dance party too!


We joined a few seniors and helped them celebrate their senior year with senior portraits that showed off their personal styles.


Ran the fields with the amazing TLM Sports athletes!


Shared the love with our loving couples to celebrate proms, weddings, love, and engagements!



Here is to an amazing 2017!

Engagement Session at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA | Tonya and Matt

Engagement Session at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA | Tonya and Matt


I often don’t post many pictures of myself on here, but I’m sure you have seen the handful of blogs about my parents, sisters, and of course my amazing boyfriend, Matt. I can’t help but share all of these of Matt and I with you. We try to do pictures twice a year, just so I can practice new techniques and I just love taking pictures with my amazing man. Little did I know, our couple’s session was going to turn into an engagement session!

Yes, you read that right, ENGAGEMENT session!

Matt proposed on December 17, it was our two year anniversary and asked me while we were in our favorite spot at Longwood Gardens.

The first time we had gone to Longwood was a month after we had started dating, yes we were and still are crazy enough to go walk around the 1,000+ acre gardens in the winter. It was also the first time I took pictures of us, and yes we had taken pictures on the very same bench where Matt popped the question.

I have been asked many times already if I knew he was going to propose, I had no idea when it was going to happen. There were so many thoughts running through my mind when I saw him turn around and pull out a little black box. All of those thoughts disappeared when I looked into his eyes and he asked me that little four word question, “Will you marry me?”

I am looking forward to spending many years with Matt and I’m sure you will be seeing a handful of other blogs about the two of us in the coming years.   

Thank you Dyer’s Jewelry for my beautiful and sparkling ring!

Highland High Senior Soccer Collages | Blackwood, NJ

Highland High Senior Soccer Collages | Blackwood, NJ

Smoke Powder is an athlete's collage to show their athletic season. With 15-20 images, Smoke Powder collage is worth over a 1,000 words. The wow factor of this action collage will leave anyone who sees it, wanting onw too!

I love all the different aspects of photography, portraits are where I focus, but sports might be the most fun and challenging for me. I started photographing soccer when my sister was in middle school, at that time I had a long way to go before I could even say that I was a sports photographer. While I didn’t think that I would still be shooting sports 6 years later, I am so glad I kept with it. I now love shooting sports and creating special one of a kind action collages for athletes.

high-school-senior-sports-collage-5high-school-senior-sports-collage-1Tonya Moken creates one of a kind action collages for players. Athletes love their action collage because it is a custom creation just for them to treasure for years to come.

This year, I was hired to create action collages for all 23 seniors on the Highland soccer teams. I was nervous and excited to accept the challenge of shooting 10 plus players at each game. If you have tried to photograph a soccer game before or even just watched a high school game, you know the players are on and off the field and move fast. While it took me a game or two to know all the athletes names and numbers, the excitement and quick on my feet thinking along with the jumping up for a header, out running the defense, and of course the game winning goals, made these collages look amazing!high-school-senior-sports-collage-2 high-school-senior-sports-collage-6high-school-senior-sports-collage high-school-senior-sports-collage-6high-school-senior-sports-collage-3high-school-senior-sports-collage-7

Congratulations to the Highland Girl’s and Boy’s teams on a great season.

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