It’s The Time of Giving Thanks | South Jersey

It’s The Time of Giving Thanks | South Jersey

It’s amazing how time flies, I feel like we were just here. The holiday season starting this week, but it was a year ago that I was writing a blog similar to this. Thanking the people in my life, that make my life possible. If you are a small business owner, you know the first few years can be a little rough as you are building from the ground up. I have been in business three years now, and WOW! I still feel like I’m that 21 year old that has no idea about the world; and yet I have built a successful photography and videography company.


There are no words that I can write other than thank you. My family has been a huge part of my success and will continue to be; Renae, inspires me to be more creative with every action collage and senior session I do. Tara, has come up with so many great marketing ideas that helped me grow a following on social media. My parents, what can I say, they have been amazing the past few years. I know it was not easy for them, but they let me live my dream anyway. Matt has been so supportive and willing to help when ever he can; I always seem to need help with my computer, haha.


This year I want to thank a few more people.

Tonya, has been amazing this year. She has been a client of mine for a few years now, and this year she has helped me grow within the sports photography world. I started off only doing a few action collages a year to this year doing 23 collages just in the fall season!


Suzanne, I meet earlier this year when her daughter stopped by for Renae’s prom portraits. She is now a client and amazing at helping me market to new groups.

Tonya Moken creates one of a kind action collages for players. Athletes love their action collage because it is a custom creation just for them to treasure for years to come.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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