The Magical World of Fairies

The Magical World of Fairies

Fairy Garden

Some say the world of magic is just in stories and movies, but I think it lives in our hearts. As Brad Paisley says in his song “If Love was a Plane,” he talks about how if we were actually told about what could happen with love, nobody would want to get on that plane; and yet we line up anyway. I think that is just one of the magical things about our world. While this may seem a little off from the title of “The Magical World of Fairies,” as this blog is called, I don’t think it is. To me, believing in love and taking that leap to fall in love is just like believing in things that little kids love to believe.

Fairy Garden

There are all kinds of online shops now that sell fairy gardens, so many adults must believe in them too or at least they want to! My love for mythical things has lasted into my twenties and I don’t see it changing any time soon. That is why I created a fairy garden for my mom this past Christmas, she was really excited, she had been wanting to make one since last year this time. As I was making it, I thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool if a fairy really did show up?” As creative as I thought I was being, my sister Tara topped me. I was letting everything dry and walked away, when I returned wouldn’t you know she had gone in my room and placed a fairy statue that she had in my fairy garden. It was magic to me, even though I knew there was a reasonable reason for it to be there and that someone had did that. It gave me an idea to create a fairy flitter for my camera, this was so I could capture the magical and usually shy fairies using the garden I created.


The world is full of magic, I hope you are open to experiencing it. If you sit in your garden long enough you might just see the fairies of the world show their wings.


Happy shooting.

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My 365 Project

My 365 Project

Life in sign language for life is fragile.

As photographers we are always looking for ways to be shooting every day in new and creative ways. So what do many of us do to get out of those creative ruts? Challenges! I have done a few before that lasted a week or a month, but this year I wanted to take the greatest jump that I could take for a challenge. A 365 photo a day challenge, I have seen other photographers and hobbyist do it but always said I wouldn’t be able to do that. Why? I have no idea. Before making a 2016 New Year’s resolution to do a 365 project, I took photos pretty much everyday with either my iPhone or Canon 70D. So why was a challenge of something I love doing so scary and daunting?


Well I still don’t have an answer to that question and I don’t really care any more. I am now over 100 days in! It was hard at the beginning to find the inspiration for each photo, might seem funny for those of you who know me pretty well. My world is literally seen through a series of photos that move as if to make reality. I worked really hard and thought about giving up on something that seemed like it could really help me creatively. Halfway through January and getting frustrated, I decided that I was going to dedicate February to self portraits. I am not a fan of getting in front of the camera, but after a few days I found that I was excited about shooting. I also found a great challenge prompt list by Bethadilly Photography, each day I would take the prompt and figure out how I could do a self portrait with it.


I learned about a group that started on Facebook that did weekly challenges, trying to incorporate a weekly challenge into and daily challenge turned out to be a lot of fun. I started following a lot of other photographers and people that were doing these challenges and it’s amazing how inspirational they are. I have learned so many creative ways of shooting and I am so thankful to them for inspiring every day to create the works of art that you all love.


TIPS for doing a 365 project:

~Use prompts – It really does help. Find a daily challenge that inspires you, if the prompts and community behind the challenge are really inspirational to you, you will make it the full year.

~Pick up a camera every day – It seems silly that I am saying this, but there were days I really didn’t want to take a picture. I was being lazy or couldn’t find the inspiration, so I would shoot with my phone.

~Post every day – Use one of the many social media sites to show off your work everyday. I choose to post on Instagram and share monthly on Facebook.

~Collect – I wanted a way to make sure that I shoot everyday, Collect is an app that I can upload all of my photos into and it fills up a calendar. I had heard other photographers say “I make sure I take a picture everyday, because I don’t want an empty box.” They are so right, I don’t want an empty box on my calendar either.

~Have fun – A challenge like this is meant to be fun and give you a chance to learn about yourself as a photographer.


Happy shooting.

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