Super Moon Lunar Eclipse

Shooting the Super Moon Lunar Eclipse

September 2015 Super Moon (Blood Moon) Lunar Eclipse, on September 27, 2015.

This past Sunday, many of us were able to see the lunar eclipse, for the most part. If you are in the Philadelphia area like me, you probably saw a lot of clouds. Which was a little disappointing since a “Super Moon Lunar Eclipse” is not suppose to happen again until like 2033, or around that time. The couple hour event is amazing to see, I unfortunately did not get to see the whole thing, mostly because I started falling asleep on the sidewalk watching it; luckily it was nice out, I could have slept there.


Capturing the eclipse was no small task with the cloud cover, I spent about 15-20 minutes trying to find the best focus on the moon; shooting at night you will want to be in full manual mode. So what did I use? I had my Canon EOS 70D set up on a tripod and 70-300mm lens attached. A longer lens is always best for taking pictures of the moon. The longer the lens, the closer and more detail of the moon you are able to see. Because I was shooting at night, I also used my phone which acts as a remote for my camera. This way the camera did not shift a little when I would hit the shutter.


Once, I had my focus it was time to see what the best exposure would be. Sunday night I was about a half hour south of Philadelphia, and the best place to see the moon was standing on the sidewalk, next to a street light. I have photographed the moon before and I have found a 2-6 second exposure is the best, a longer exposure and everything moves (the earth and the moon). With the 2-6 second exposure I dropped my aperture to ƒ/5.6, I wanted a smaller opening. I played with ISO the most, I finally decided on 640 as the best for me.


Try playing around with your settings the next time you shoot at night. The moon is out most nights and a great way to practice shooting in low light. Let us know what settings you found to be best for you.

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Shooting for the Memories

Shooting for the Memories


My favorite part of a shoot is capturing that moment that will last in your memory forever, even if it is the smallest thing. Taking pictures during a sports game is thrilling; the fast pace, try to keep up with me feeling, is crazy and can be stressful, but I live for it. The quick on your toes thinking proves to myself that this is where I want to be and can’t live without it. The individual images tells one kind of story, but a collection of them tells a larger story. I am so happy that these college and high school students wanted to tell a larger story and chose me to be a part of it. What story do you like telling from the days that you played? Or if you’re still playing, what memory is your favorite team memory or game time story? Maybe that time that the other team was 45 minutes late to the game so your team made a life size pink ribbon for the “Support Breast Cancer” game, your first goal on the varsity women’s soccer team,

Ashleah Hart Soccer Collage

or the first time you got to pitch for your college’s club baseball team,

Nick Brasile batting, pitching, and playing 3rd base for Montclair State University's Club Baseball team.

maybe it was the first time you stood up on your surfboard.

Renae Moken surfing at Ocean City, NJ.

We all have stories, tell them in a different way, through your sports collage.

Brave Lacrosse Flames Brianna