tonyaHI There,

I am so glad you stopped by. My love for photography started when I was about 4 years old, my mom gave me an old camera, so I could take a picture of the Lincoln Log zoo I built. While I was not able to truly start following my unknown passion and love until high school, I kept my creativity alive with creating all kinds of crafts and paint by numbers.

I learned quickly that, I did not want to be a digital photographer. With the tangible world seeming to be disappearing, what will we have to pass on to our next generation? That is why I specialize in print-making. Everything I shoot is adjusted for the outcome of that final print.

As a print artist, I create memories that you are able to pass down to you children and grandchildren with TLM Productions’ Signature Pieces and Signature Canvases.

Your photography is not just another studio session: we visit a park, the city, or the beach! I give you promoted poses, but the candids are the ones that make you laugh. I play music and act silly, while you laugh, dance, and smile with your loved ones. The memory of the session with last because you are having fun during and get to keep the lasting prints for generations.

Call me today to start your lasting memories with our signature pieces at 609 440 6176 or send an email to tonya.moken@TLMproductions.com.


Helping You Keep Your Memories for Generations,